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Blogger Templates

Download free stylish & fancy blogger templates. Blogger templates archive includes 3 column blogger templates, html/xml blogger templates and custom blogger templates too. All these templates for blogger can be downloaded for free! Blogger templates includes adsense blogger templates which can be used to monetize your blog. Go ahead, download your free blogger templates.

Blogger Templates

Blogger templates archives include free 3 column blogger templates,HTML/XML blogger templates,iwork blogger templates,Adsense ready blogger templates,Beta blogger templates and classic blogspot blogger templates. Download free blogger templates for your blog.

iWork Blogger Template

iWork template by Nicola D Trento and Jacky Supit, is an appealing design with stylish buttons and layouts. This templates comes with ready to use widgets. You just need to configure the widgets, there is no need to create any. Following are the list of widgets on this template

1. Top Buttons
2. Search box
3. Recent Posts
4. Recent Comments
5. Adsense Units

It just takes a couple of minutes to get template installed. Always make sure that you backup the current template before uploading a new one, to avoid any mess up :)

Live Demo

Download from Jackbook

How to install a blogger template?

How To Install A Blogger Template

Installing a new blogger XML/HTML template has never been so easy before! You would say that after reading this post. This article would guide you in installing blogger XML/HTML template in five easy steps!!

Step One

Login to
blogger first. If you don't have a blogger account yet, try creating one here.

Step Two

Once you login to blogger you would land on blogger dashboard. The picture above shows the blogger dashboard, which would list all the blogs under your account. Select the Layout tab next to the blog on which you need to install the template.

Step Three

The picture above shows the layout tab. Now you need to click on the Edit HTML link. You would get to see the template code over there. Don't worry, we are not going to play with the code :)

Step Four

Edit HTML link would take you to a page which shows Backup/Restore Template. This is where, we are gonna upload the template. Always make sure that you backup the current template before you install a new one. You can use the Download Full Template link to backup your current template. Save the template on your desktop. Now use the browse button to locate the new template which you want to install and then click upload. We are 95% done!

Step Five

Don't worry, If you get a message like the one above. It's just a warning that the old Widgets might be lost after the installation. Select Confirm & Save option to proceed. By doing so, you would loose all the widgets on your previous template.

Step Six

If everything works out fine, you would see the above screen shot. You are done! You have finished installing a new blogger template. Isn't that so easy?
If in case you were unable to install the template , you can always roll back to your previous template by going to Step Four and uploading your good old template.

Please feel free to share this link, if this article has been of any help to you. This article can be linked using the following link.

Good Luck!

Latest Blogger Templates

From the day when I started blogging on blogger, Switching to stylish and flashy templates was always a challenge as default blogger templates was not really appealing. I guess that is the same feeling that any blogger has, If you happen to run on blogger platform! Thanks to all the designers and websites for creating and publicizing blogger templates which has changed the situation to some extent. Template scarcity still exists on blogger as compared to wordpress platform, with majority of the new templates for blogger being converted from famous wordpress themes!

I found it difficult to get a good template for my blog as I had to search different websites and browse through the same templates which keeps repeating on all the major sites. The idea behind this page is to collate all the templates together and 'hopefully' create a one stop place for all your template needs :)

I'm neither a coder nor a web-designer. I can post some links to articles which would help you kick-start your blog with a fresh template! The templates that are gonna be showcased here would be designed by professionals and all copyrights belong to their respective authors.

Happy Blogging!